This year in English, we will practice writing and spelling skills. In Science, we will study Earth science. In reading, we will practice comprehension, decoding and fluency skills by reading novels and short stories. Students will complete Achieve 3000 activities and participate in Accelerated Reader. 

Most of the work will be finished in class unless a student is not using his/her time well or is absent.

My schedule for 2018-2019:

7:46-8:32  English

8:36-9:22  science

9:26-10:12 co-teach 7th grade social studies

10:16-11:02 plan

11:02-11:32 lunch

11:36-12:22 Reading

12:26-1:12 Response to Intervention

1:16-2:02 Response to Intervention

2:02-2:30 Resource/Study Hall