Silent Reading Time

All classes begin the hour with 10 minutes of silent reading time to work towards earning those AR points.  I have added plenty of comfortable seating to make this time even more enjoyable!  Check out some students taking advantage of the lounge seating.

8th Grade Theme Essays

Students are being given the opportunity to revise and resubmit their theme essays.  Grades will be posted when this is complete.

Final Quarter

As we enter the final quarter of the year, keep working on those AR points!  The midterm is April 12, and all students need to have 11  points by that date.

Novel Studies Starting

8th Grade Literature will be starting a novel study on the non-fiction book, Four Perfect Pebbles.  This goes along with what students will be studying (WWII and the Holocaust) in Social Studies.

7th Grade students will be starting a book called, My Brother Sam is Dead.  It is about a family’s struggles during the American Revolution.  

During a novel study, students will still read for AR, read articles in the Achieve 3000 online program, and complete the activities.  Students will not write thought question responses in Achieve.  

Students will be expected to read and respond to text for homework, as well as in class.  

I think the classes will really enjoy both of these stories!

3rd Quarter AR Midterm

The midterm for the 3rd Quarter is Friday, February 1st.  Students are required to earn 11 AR points, for a 100 point test grade.  Students have time to read in class each week, and their homework every night is to read for AR.  Little other homework is assigned for Literature class because of this expectation, so all students should be able to reach this goal!

One Word Resolution

To kick off the new semester and the New Year, I asked students to choose one word to inspire and motivate them for the coming months.  Here are a few examples of the Google Slides that they created.

Untitled presentation

one word

Untitled presentation (1)

AR 3rd Quarter Midterm

Friday, February 1st is the 3rd quarter midterm.  All students need to have 11 AR points, for a 100 point test grade.

Midterm Approaching

Friday, November 16 is the midterm for the 2nd term.  Students are expected to have earned 11 AR points, for a 100 point test grade.  Points are due by the end of the day, Friday.

The Westing Game Board Game Projects

8th Grade Literature Projects

This week, students will be receiving a list of options for a project to wrap up our novel study of The Westing Game.  Students will have several options, with different point values.  They will need make choices that add up to 50 points.  These projects will be due on Friday, November 2.