School Building Project Update 6-23-2014

Building Project Update: 6-23-2014

The Building Project:

A)  Build a New High School:  35 classrooms/2 story building.

B)  Renovate current Meridian High School to house the Meridian Middle School.

C)  Build a new PreK to 5 Elementary Building in Blue Mound while using the current gym at the MMS (32 classrooms/2 story building).


A) The school district has completed the building design documents for the addition to Meridian High School and the construction of the Pre-k to 5th grade building (Meridian Elementary School).

B) Bids were awarded on June 23, 2014 for a total Phase 2 cost of $23,674,947.  Christy-Foltz, Inc. was the low bidder for the High School Addition/Junior High Renovation in Macon for a total $12,485,000.  The low bid for the Elementary Addition in Blue Mound was awarded to Mid-States General and Mechanical for a total award of $9,478,000.  Bodine Communications was awarded the technology construction bid at $1,112,947.  The asbestos abatement bid was awarded to Midwest Service Group for a total of $599,000.

C)  Earthwork/Construction should begin Early July of 2014 on the high school and elementary school.

D)  The Middle School Renovation will begin during the summer of 2014, and will be scheduled to be completed by December of 2015.  The Middle School renovation will be done over a period of time and in multiple phases so that students can continue to utilize the building during the process.

E)  Occupy and move in to Elementary/High School in August 2015.

F) Occupy and move into Meridian Middle School in January of 2016.

Financing of the Project:

A)  Total Project Cost: $44,956,700

B)   Local Match: $15,769,745

1) School District has raised $15,869,745 so far by selling Health Life Safety Bonds, Working Cash Bonds and an alternate revenue bond.

C) State Construction Grant: $29,186,955

1) This Grant is paid out in allotments as the project hits certain benchmarks.

a) 45% when bids are awarded.

b) 45% when 50% complete.

c) 10% when substantially complete.