Daily Schedule

Here is the Daily Schedule in my classroom:

*Subject to change some days with assembly’s, specials, and classroom partiesĀ 

8:15-8:35: Kindergarten Resource

8:35-9:05: 2nd Grade Reading Instruction

9:05-9:25: 1st Grade Reading/Resource

9:25-9:55: 2nd Grade Math Support

9:55-10:35: 1st Reading/Resource

10:20-10:50: 2nd Grade Reading Instruction

10:50-11:30: 4th Grade Math Instruction

11:30-12:00: Lunch

12:00-12:15: Lunch Duty

12:15-12:55: 2nd/3rd Math Instruction

12:55-1:25: Kindergarten Support

1:25-1:55: 2nd/3rd Grade ELA Instruction

1:55-2:25: Plan

2:25-2:35: Kindergarten Support

2:35-3:00: Kindergarten Car Riders