8th Grade Reading

Greetings! I am very excited to have taught most of my reading students last year as 7th graders. We made great strides with the AR program and the Achieve 3000. I look forward to reaching new goals as a class and as individuals.

This year students will work on the Achieve 3000 program on Mondays. This is an individualized program that helps students to raise their reading level. Please check with your child to monitor their progress.  Students are required to complete 2 lessons each week, I select the first one and they may choose the 2nd one. Achieve work will be graded on Wednesdays, this allows students to finish up on Tuesdays, if needed.

In addition to the Achieve 3000 program, students will be working to complete their Accelerated Reader goals. To help with this process we will go to the library on Tuesday of each week, and spend the remainder of the class reading AR books. We will also read AR books in class on Fridays. Students should also have their AR books with them during the day so that they may read if the opportunity allows (following a test, during study hall, etc.).

Finally, we will use novels and the reading textbook on the days that we are not busy with Achieve and AR. I try to share my love for reading with the students in the hopes that they too will realize the world of opportunities that books open for us.

Social Studies Now:

7th Grade: The 7th grade students are using our Discovery Education “tech books,” which are the new text books. We are learning to use the features that this new technology offers The book is cloud based and students will need internet accessibility most nights to complete their homework. If a student does not have access to the internet, I will have paper copies of each chapter available. In class we read the section and homework consists of a guided reading worksheet that will be due the following class.

This year we will cover all the way from the Revolutionary War to the Reconstruction Era that followed the Civil War. Students will have projects along the way to enhance their understanding of the history of our country. 7th grade students are required to take and pass the U.S Constitution test. This usually falls around Thanksgiving.



8th Grade: The 8th grade also uses the Discovery Education tech book. We will begin with the IL Constitution, which is very timely considering the events in Springfield, or lack there of at this time. Students are required to pass the IL Constitution Test. Following the test we will begin our U.S. history studies following the Civil War and progress towards the Vietnam Era.

Students will have projects during the year which include a family history scrapbook and a culminating  project, called Decade Day. I look forward to working with this fine group of students, many of which I had the pleasure to teach last year as 7th graders.



Welcome to my website ! Here at Meridian Middle School, I teach 7th and 8th grade Social Studies, and an 8th grade reading class. I also sponsor the annual trip to Washington, D.C.  I am in my 33rd year of teaching, 23 of which have been at Meridian.  My husband and I have 3 children and we reside in Moweaqua.  Our eldest, Trent, attends EIU and is enrolled in the Athletic Training program. He just completed his 6 years with the IL National Guard. Tyler, our middle son is currently  in the National Guard and is a sophomore at ISU. Our youngest,  Katie, our youngest, is going to EIU this fall to begin working on a degree in Special Education. My husband I will be eating beans and rice this fall since that is all we will be able to afford!!

In my spare time I enjoy “picking” at flea markets and auctions. I have a display of various antique household items in my classroom. Before you pitch that old phone or typewriter please consider donating it to the classroom. Nothing is too old or too dirty!!