A special thanks to the families of Matthew Yelovich and Anthony Samuelson that make this organization possible.

Our mission is to educate students on the consequences of their decisions, now and for the rest of their lives.

What have we been doing:

1) We just finished the O.T.S.D. (Operation Teen Safe Driving) grant work.  Here is a slideshow to give you a quick summary of what this great group has been doing.




2)MHS hosted an Illinois State Trooper.  She presented “Drive for Life.”

3) We have purchased bracelets for the youth of our district that say “I BUCKLE UP” and “I DON’T DISTRACT.”

4) We have purchased several banners to be put up around the community that promote safe driving.

Provides us with quality banners!

Provides us with quality banners!

5) Our SADD members received shirts that promote seatbelt use.  The design was also used on red banners at all the schools in the district.  It was created by Katelynn Cawthon.



6) We placed 4th in the OTSD contest.  This means we were able to donate $1000 to POST PROM. 

7) 20 members were able to go partake in the Ford Driving for Life program.

Link to students drifting cars!!!!  –>    Ford Drift

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