1st Period     Spanish I

2nd Period   Prep

3rd Period    Spanish II

4th Period    Spanish III-IV

5th Period    Spanish II

6th Period    Spanish I

7th Period    Spanish III-IV

8th Period    Study Hall


Mrs. Debbie Horne teaches Spanish I, II, III, & IV.  She began her teaching career at Macon High School in the fall of 1978.  Before the consolidations which formed Meridian High School and Central A&M High School, Mrs. Horne was also the Spanish II, III, & IV teacher for Moweaqua High School.  She has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Illinois State University, with a double major in Spanish & History.  Mrs. Horne began her Master of Arts degree in Spanish and History at San Diego State University.  She completed her Master of Arts degree in History at the former Sangamon State University in Springfield, Illinois, now the University of Illinois at Springfield.  Her family includes her husband Randy, son Jon, daughter-in-law Tamara, daughter Jill, son-in-law Paul, & granddaughter Scarlett.