Integrated Science


Integrated Science will begin the 2019-2020 school year by studying the scientific method and astronomy.

All students will need a paper grocery sack to make into a book cover or may purchase a JUMBO cloth book cover to bring to class.  

Supplies to purchase:  Jumbo book cover/large paper grocery sack, notebook, folder, highlighter, pencil or pen, earbuds, and classroom supply as listed below by last name. 

To help with classroom function, students may earn a free homework pass by bringing a supply as listed:

Last Names:

A-C:  Box of tissues

D-H:  Roll of Scotch tape (refill box is okay)

I-M:  Package of lined note cards

N-R:  2 dry erase markers (chisel/wide tip for the whiteboard)

S-V:  12 colored pencils

W-Z:  Liquid hand soap