School Supplies

Below are the school supplies I recommend for my students in Foods I/II, Foods III/IV, Food Science, Child Development, Adult Living, and Clothing. A more specific list for Clothing is listed as well.


FCS Classes:

  • class binder or pocket folder
  • loose-leaf paper or a spiral notebook
  • Writing utensils may be blue/black pens or pencils.
  • Foods I students will also need a package of 3×5 note cards.
  • A box of kleenex from each student would be much appreciated!


Clothing Class specific items:

  • bent handled sewing shears–these need to be well constructed & sharp, Fiskars preferred
  • seam ripper                            
  • tape measure
  • needles
  • 6” sewing gauge
  • sewing pins (colored heads preferred)
  • Students will also need patterns, fabric, and notions throughout the class for projects. Please be aware, these are an extra cost!


Thank you for helping your child prepare for success in my classes! If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at