Medical/Extended Absences Make-up


Our staff believes strongly in the importance of regular physical exercise and lifelong fitness. Physical Education classes stress the development of fundamental skills and basic game strategies along with daily fitness activities. Our goal is to develop a positive attitude toward physical fitness and to teach usable skills that will carry over into post-secondary life. We encourage students to develop a habit of lifelong exercise and enjoy the benefits that fitness brings with it.

We want all students to be as successful as possible in physical education. All students are required to participate in and pass four years of physical education in order to graduate. We are proud of our program and appreciate the support we have received from the administration, parents and community members. Most of all we are excited about the overwhelming positive response from the students.


*****Extended Medical Excuse Make-ups:

If a student is unable to participate in modified activities in the Fitness Center then a written assignment will be given. Students may select a health, sport or fitness-related article to read and summarize for each missed day. The summary should be one full page, double-spaced, and typed, with a font size of 12, or write on the topics listed below.  The resources should be listed as well. The due dates will be determined on an individual basis depending on the situation. The student’s grade will be adjusted as the written work is turned in.

We have adopted a policy to enable a PE grade to be established for people who are out of PE due to medical issues or excessive absences.
For each day after your 3rd absence you need to write a 2 page paper on one of these subjects, or if you would like to do a 5 page paper on one subject for missing 5 days, you can do that.  But for each day after 5, you will need to follow the rules from above.
1.  Effects of sports enhancing drugs?
2.  Legal sports enhancing drugs, and the positive affects?
3.  Legal sports enhancing drugs, and the negative affects?
4.  What age should kids begin to lift?
5.  How does lifting help in sports ?
6.  Why do kids choose one sport in high school?
7.  Why do kids in Meridian not play multiple sports?
8.  How should schools get kids to play multiple sports?
9. Is the use of protein supplements necessary?
10. Fitness and how it directly can affect your success in the classroom.