Permission Slips

November 4, 2014

Dear Parents and/or Guardians,

            Once again it is time to start our bowling unit.  Students will begin bowling on Monday, November 24th, 2014 and end on December 19th, 2014.  They will learn bowling etiquette, bowling approach, different types of releases, scoring, and how they can tell where to stand to pick up certain spares.

            Students should bring their signed permission slips and money by November 21st. The following is a bowling fee scale, check with your student to see if they are a regular or athletic Physical Education student.  These prices are based on their lunch status, it does not include their lunch money. The fee pays for the bowling and the cost of the bus and driver.  Athletic P.E. bowls Tuesday, and Thursday’s and a few random days. Regular P.E. bowls Monday thru Friday, with the exception of second and sixth hours.  These two classes will only bowl on Monday, Wednesday and Friday’s due to the large numbers of students in these hours.  Thank you!

Athletic P.E.                                                      Regular P.E. Hours (1,3,5,7)  See Below for (2 & 6)

Athletic P.E.    $25.00                   Regular P.E                   $35.00

Athletic  Reduced Lunch  $15.00                  Regular Reduced Lunch  $25.00

Athletic  Free Lunch            $7.00                  Regular Free Lunch          $15.00

          Regular P.E.  2nd and 6th hours

Regular P.E.         $20.00   Regular Reduced Lunch        $15.00       Regular Free Lunch      $10.00


Coach Williams and Coach Stogsdill

                                               Cut on Line

______________________ has my permission to bowl at Moweagua Bowl.

_______________________may not bowl in the Meridian bowling unit.

____________________________ Parent/Guardian’s Signature